We’re Backkkk

Mika: Oi gente, It is great to be back! Mila and I took a long and necessary break and so much happened. Good things, dramatic things, global pandemic possibly end of the world things. But we are back and have many stories to tell you.

We want to update you on the progress of our relationship, movies we watched, and recipes we mastered. It wasn’t all laughs and smiles. We want to talk about more intimate things and what helped us overcome major obstacles. So stay tuned and stay safe.

Mila: Yes! That’s it! The blog is a place to share our experiences with people who are in a long distance relationship of any type or nationality and to motivate and show that it possible to successfully keep long distance relationships. And of course, at the same time, it makes us remember and relive moments in our history!

During this break (2019/2020) we had many highs and lows, the beginning of 2019 everything was going normally, but with the rush of the day-to-day we didn’t have so much time to stay on the call, only during the night and which created a the lack of communication that is indispensable when far away.

I almost lost it, lost focus. We went through many things, our intimacy increased with the pandemic, because we talked about everything, literally everything! And that’s what makes our relationship so amazing.

Maintaining our communication on a daily basis was very difficult because of our chores. I got a job, my English improved, the rush of college, everything interfered with us.

Mika: I agree and 2019 was a very difficult and a prosperous year for us. It let us know that words matter and sometimes when communication is unfiltered it can lead to honest yet hurtful comments. The strains of life and family pressure can also interfere with plans and goals. While Mila was improving her English and learning how to be a better teacher, I was trying to balance my career and time with her. We both started to spend more time apart, with friends and colleagues that were closer to us. What we really needed was to discuss healthy boundaries and how talk about the challenges we were facing without succumbing to pressure.

The Quarantine Begins

Mila: However, in the beginning of 2020 before the pandemic, we started to mature, to heal, to talk and to open up again. We decided for us! I got a job as an English teacher, my English improved, and life was getting back to normal. With its good and bad days, as balanced as as life can be! We started to make plans to travel and visit each other more often throughout the year.

Then the pandemic came, and quickly everything stopped. Brazil and the USA were the most affected. The quarantine, the home office, and the lockdowns. However, in a way, the fact that we are home all day, being able to stay on the phone, do everything together and talk whenever possible, our intimacy has increased even more. We talk about everything, we cook, we fight, we laugh, we cry (I always ahahah), we love each other more. It was and is a complicated period, and a lot of learning!

Mika: Covid-19 is starting to surge again, and what we learned throughout this time is that we can overcome anything together. A burning building, government bureaucracy and a resilient global pandemic that took immediate family members away. We are ordinary people like you and if we can make it through so can you.

So, look out for our future blog posts that will give you stories and lessons on how to navigate a long distance relationship.

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