New Year, New Memories

Mila and I started getting a lot closer at the beginning of 2018. The connection was there from the beginning and I remember telling her about my New Year’s routine. Every year, on January first I make a list of goals I want to accomplish for the year. I also write a short note about challenges and opportunities I want to tackle and pursue for the year. This has always kept me organized as an individual. At the end of the year, I like to sit down and laugh with God about how absurd some of my plans were for the year. And I how better things than I expected landed on my landed on my lap.

Resolutions for 2019

Mika: Compared to last year, I am more focused on moving closer to completing many things on my list from previous years. I have been good at prioritizing my goals and I wanted to sure I can maintain working on some of my previous habits. It is easy to lose track of what your resolution is before the month is over. One thing you can try is having your long distance partner keep you accountable. Like making sure all your laundry is done on the weekend instead pushing it to next week haha.

Happy New Year!

Mila is more spontaneous than I am, however, I think the biggest thing on our mind is being able to finally communicate with each others families in their native language. This is really (really!) important to her. She is a lot better at English than I am at Portuguese. So, this year I am making being fluent with my Portuguese one of my priorities. Perhaps this will allow us to focus on bigger plans once I achieve this.

The Send Off

It is a New Year (2019 people!) and another opportunity to find ways to grow and come closer together. If you have any interests, ideas, or plans on how you want to get closer to your long distance partner, share in the comments below.

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