How to Plan a Romantic Getaway While Hundreds of Miles Apart

Zero or 100, I am going to meet her no matter what stands in my way. I promised Mila that nothing would stop me from meeting and holding her in my arms. I would risk my life for love. You would think I read too much Shakespeare. I do. Regardless, on October 28, 2020, I read a quote from the philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius. He wrote: “You’ll more quickly find an earthly thing kept from earth than you will a person cut off from other human beings”. It struck me like lighting. I realized we were made for each other and to deny this was to deny everything we’ve been through. If I failed it would be to deny the feelings humanity and Mila taught me to embrace. Then and there (despite the Covid-19 pandemic, zero vaccine approvals, and increasing barriers to entry) I told Mila I am coming to Brazil and booked my ticket.

Finally Deciding to Meet

We have been planning this trip for years and have been on and off about where we would stay. 

Mila: When we decided that we were going to meet for real, the emotions were overwhelming. I already felt that this was our time; it finally arrived!

Mika: I am not picky about where I want to stay. However, I must have an excellent kitchen, bathroom and the area should be safe. This was my priority when choosing where we would stay on AirBnB.

Mila: I already had in mind some apartments that we would stay in Salvador; I already saved them! And the search was not difficult, we had dreamed of this for a long time.

Mika: Most Americans stay near the tourist areas which are also more expensive. I wanted to choose a place in or near Barra, Salvador, to fulfill our dream of walking on the beach and other places without worrying too much about safety.

Mila: And I wanted a place that we could see the ocean and that was not too expensive, because we would be staying there for several days. For me it was not a priority to walk around but I had to have a view of the ocean when opening our window.

Mika: Ultimately, I wanted Mila to be happy and comfortable and she has other values than only cleanliness and safety. I liked the place she chose. I would ultimately learn that the old maxims to “never judge a book by it’s cover” and that “it’s what is on the inside that counts” are universal truths.

Mila: It was a very good feeling to look at the apartment where we would return to after going to places on our list, have our meals, and cook the meals we always wanted to have together.

Drafting the Itinerary

Mika: I usually plan and organize where and when we would be going somewhere. However, this was the first time I was actually planning a long extended trip. I wanted to make sure we got to see all the places we spoke and watched YouTube videos about. I wanted to see places that reminded Mila of her childhood.

Evernote was very helpful in coordinating and planning our trip. Some people might use Google docs however Evernote fits so seamlessly across platforms and updates quickly that we could edit and add places to our itinerary with ease.

Mila: I wanted Mika to have the full experience of being in Salvador, to know historic places, eat local food from Bahia: acarajé, caldo de sururu and many other Afro-Brazilian food. I really wanted him to feel at home, like a son returning to Africa. We stopped for a night and edited the list, it was so exciting!

Unexpected twists to Our Plans

Mika: There were some last minute additional plans because we also wanted to use this opportunity for Mila to get her passport.

Mila: Yea!!! It was an idea that came out of nowhere! I live in a small town that makes it difficult to get the documents; and the trip turned into a perfect opportunity to finally make that dream come true.

Mika: She had to arrive in Salvador a day before me. Unfortunately, the place were were staying was booked the days she would be arriving early. Then, because of Covid-19 I had to get a flight change that moved my flight up a day. So, we booked another Airbnb for Mila and a hotel for us. It gave us another day together but we also needed to spend our 3 year anniversary apart while I was up in the air.

The Take Away

We planned this trip to see each other for what at the time seemed forever. We spent three years praying, planning and preparing for what would be an epic union of heart, soul and body. Do we wish it was sooner? Yes. However, three years taught everything happens at the right time. So, be patient and stay focused because your time will arrive sooner that you expect.

Have you been planning a romantic meeting? Send us a message so we can read all about it.

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