Extroversion Belied: How MBTI Closes the Distance

Some of you might remember taking the Myers Briggs Indicator Type Indicator (MBTI) test in college or being introduced to it by an obsessed friend. MBTI relationship matches gives you a better idea of your compatibility in a relationship. It also reveals your chance of being successful in a love match. Of course you could be among the lucky few that met your perfect match without this test. And you could also discover that the MBTI verfies you have a love match made in heaven. For Mila and I, the Myers-Briggs helped predict our relationship compatibility (and challenges) with shocking accuracy.

What taking this test will do for you?

Mila: It has been a long time since we did this test (Mika loves tests). At first Mika showed me many other tests to do together. This made us know each other a lot at only the beginning of everything. I want to tell you all about the MBTI results; they have a lot that fits us.

Mika: I took this test in order to understand how to communicate with Mila better and see what makes us so attracted to each other. Compatibility is essential in establishing anything long term and giving us some information on our potential for growth.

How we have benefited from taking test?

Mika: Taking this test has made us understand the shortcomings and appreciate the strengths each of us bring to the relationship. For example, Mila is spontaneous and I like to plan things in advance. We made these observations before even taking the MBTI test. And we were shocked to see how accurately many sites described our relationship and interactions. Mila is a constant source of motivation for me and an fountain of inspiration for this blog. Apparently being inspirational is a characteristic that is unique to ENFPs and I appreciate them for that tremendously.

I have learned to appreciate Mila’s spontaneity and how to show people you care about them. I think she has warmed me up a bit so come off as less cold, on my good days at least.

Mila: They describe ENFP as a free spirit, who rejoices any environment in which she is in, clearly energetic and engaged in the moment, enchanted and independent. At our best, we are well pleasing, totally sensitive to emotions, and have Will Smith in that personality–I loved as soon as I saw my result. I was totally shocked. They never described me so well in my life! I did not even have this description myself, but of course there are some things that do not fit (of course!). For example, I can be a good cheerleader, party only with friends, hahaha, and I do not believe that I’m so independent, precisely because I’m sentimental and I cling to people.

What to do after taking the test?

Mika: After taking the test, I highly recommend going over the results together and learning about the Myers Briggs Type of your partner. I think Mila learning that I am ENTJ and tend to be more ambitious, concise and less sentimental, gave us a chance to see where to develop our communication better.

Credit: https://www.16personalities.com/entj-personality

Mila: Yeah! The result of my love was ENTJ. Just like mine, I was very surprised to see his description in his result, because it matched many things I was seeing in him. An ENTJ is described as a leader, who is more rational, plans more, and has authority in the way of being. ENTJ is also confident and likes challenges even if they are big or small. ENTJs work firmly to achieve their goals and has Steve Jobs as a twin personality (oh no he’s Team Samsung!) Just like mine, I was very surprised to see his results. The results matched many things I was seeing in Mika, but one thing I see more every day is sentimentalism, which is not characteristic of his type, and my love is more sentimental today.

The Send Off

Are you, or have you ever been, in a relationship with your perfect match?
Or caught in a whirlwind of passion and romance? What did you actually think of your compatibility? If you are looking for ways to communicate better and understand your partner better from a distance, take the MBTI test today.

Please, share your insights and stories in the comments below.

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