Easter Egg Flashback

Getting the Easter Egg to Brasil

When Mila told me about her getting a chocolate egg every Easter and that she was not sure she would get one this year, I was determined to make sure this year would be the same. I really love seeing Mila happy. Mila said she could do without having one this year, but I saw little reason why this year should be different. So, I began my mission of trying to get her a huge chocolate egg. Mila started telling me it was impossible but I already promised she would get it. She’s so sweet (most days anyway) that she says she would not be upset if she did not get one. That only made me more determined mostly because I knew, in her heart, that she still wanted it.

The Search Begins

Mika: So, in my quest to find the most impressive chocolate egg for Mila I visited many Brazilian websites. Most of them blocked their site from US access. So that presented a hurdle that I did not anticipate. I mean how can I get the Easter egg if I can’t even order it. I tried everything to get into these sites and I mean everything even asking Mila if they actually exist. Apparently, they do but only she could access them which restored a little of my hope. This good news still failed to convince Mila.

Mila: Every year family or friends gave me a chocolate egg and this year I wasn’t sure… but I’m a chocolover and I wanted one sooo much! In the beginning I thought that he wasn’t going to buy the egg in time. Like Mika said, to get the chocolate you need to buy fast and early because the stores here sell all the eggs before Sunday, the day we celebrate Easter in Brazil. His eyebrows pressed together, his eyes narrow and unmovable, his lips pressed together, I saw his tenacity looking in every website that he could, trying to find the best (and I was there saying that I didn’t think he would get it). And all time, I stay calm and understanding when I saw it was difficult to buy the egg and send it to me.

Solution to Getting the Easter Egg

Mika: To tell you how much Mila wanted this egg. She started sending me pictures of Chocolate eggs from late March. Kit Kat Chocolate Eggs, Bis, and, her favorite, the Ferrero Rocher chocolate egg. So, using some clues, I tried to get her to tell me the name of the store she saw them at. When I get the name I try to see ways to buy it from them online, by phone, everything! Nothing was working and more importantly the websites were still blocked!

Mila: I’m still thinking about the Ferrero Rocher chocolate egg hahaha. It’s funny because most of the time I rarely realized that I was speaking about these chocolates, I think that because it is a big tradition here, most Brazilians are Christian, and everybody was talking about these eggs, like my two little brothers, every time!

Kinder Egg and Ferrero Rocher 250 grams of chocolate

Mika: Finally it came to me like a lightning bolt. Mila orders many things from apps and so I figured Americanas is a big store it should have an app too. That was the ticket. I had to use my 4G on my phone to fully access the app and bypass some annoying technical hurdles but I was able to find an Americanas Lojas that I could buy any Chocolate Egg Mila wanted and have it delivered or picked up. I would have had it delivered except it would take 10 days and I was down to one.

Mila: I was already without hope for real, but i was always okay because I knew it that’s was hard to get. But one night Mika thought about this store and we had one more chance, but the store would take so long to deliver, they always block him because was in a different country.

Mika: The final hurdle is actually paying for the egg and that is when my plan fell apart again. I had to figure out how to pay for the chocolate egg. The problem is (1) the vendor I need already sole all his gift cards and (2) I need an international credit card to purchase the gift card or the egg from the app. At the time, I had neither. I start to feel like this final obstacle defeated me and it seemed like I would finally need to admit that. Perhaps time made my ambition to fulfill my promise fail. That even with God, I failed.

I refused to accept that.

PayPal to the Rescue

Mila: Exactly, we thought that the “chocolate egg drama” was almost done. However, it was one day before the Easter, and Mika still trying but without any success. Something new always something new popped to block. My neighborhood almost sold all the eggs and this convinced me that his plan wasn’t going to work. I was going to finish eating one chocolate bar (still delicious hahaha) but without the tradition and symbolism.

Mika: As a general rule, I try to buy gifts directly because I can control how I wrap it and be the first to see the look on the person’s face. However, this time I put my pride aside and resolved that this was an extraordinary circumstance that required a little bit of risk and ingenuity. So, I tried one last solution. Send the money for the chocolate egg as a gift through Paypal.

By Mila 500 gramas de ovo de chocolate (500 grams of chocolate)

Mila: For real it’s a lot better give the gift for someone this way, has more significance more than just give the money, but for our case this was the only solution and many time we need put the pride away to accomplish things in our life.

Mika: Now this was a long shot. I have tried this many times in the past and it never worked. There was no reason to expect this time would be any different, other than faith. And my faith in God and my ability to do anything to help Mila be happy was insurmountable. So, I sent the money through PayPal and waited to see if it went through on Mila’s end.

Mila: And it finally works!!! With the money I bought a chocolate truffled egg of passion fruit and brigadeiro–a Brazilian desert. It was handmade by a wonderful cake maker who accepted my order for Easter. It had half a kilo of chocolate! I feel so loved every time I see my man showing how much he tries everything to improve my happiness, and this time was the same. I see how much effort fulfilling his seemingly impossible promises requires. Seems like impossible for my eyes, even was a simple thing, but we are far away from each other. And he accomplished his promise, always having faith in God that he would succeed.


So, Mila received her egg and we both learned a lesson in perseverance. It made us more mature and understand the value of patience in achieving our goals. During this time being in a long distance partnership our experiences teaches us many things about each other and how to connect while apart. The most important lesson was that a little support and creativity in overcoming obstacles goes a long way, literally.

So whether it is a gift basket, chocolate, or a treat to her favorite meal, there is a solution out there and you only need to ask. Share your story with us about a time both of you surprised each other and overcame an obstacle together while apart.

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