Bonding Abroad on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a corporate construct to guilt people in relationships into buying chocolate for their lover. And with that being said Mila and I love love and indulging in any opportunity to celebrate it. So, how did we celebrate this one? Work, mostly. However, we took the opportunity to end the day watching a movie we highly recommend “Valentine’s Day” (2010).

Love Lost in Transit

Mika: I got into the habit of sending Mila letters and creative ways to send her gifts. If you are not familiar with sending things abroad then I will tell you it can take a while for letters to arrive and sometimes things get lost or sent back. This also includes packages but we will get into that in a different post. Typically letters take 14-21 days to arrive in Brazil. I sent Mila a letter last year, a little after celebrating one year together, so I expected it to arrive early in the New Year.

Mila: A few weeks after my love sent the letter, he told me he sent something special that I will like and that it should have arrived. But it did not arrive for me.

Mika: And the letter never returned to me.

Mila: We lost hope after waiting more than a month.

Mika: It seemed that any surprise I wanted to give Mila would not work. That is until the day after Valentine’s Day.

Hope Is Restored

Mila: On February 15, my stepfather needed to arrange some things on the first floor (no one goes there) and he found a notice that something arrived. The notice said it needed to be withdrawn within five days. But the warning was already there over two months! And they delivered to the wrong door! I woke up on February 15, not knowing my stepfather was in the post office to know what the order was and make complaints. My letter was there! My stepdad got it and handed it to me.

Mika: I was on the phone with her when she received this letter. I was really glad because she woke up with a terrible flu and sore throat. The letter was late but arrived precisely when she needed it the most.

Mila: They really forgot my letter there!!!(We do not know why it was kept for so long). But I am glad they did not send it back to Mika, because the letter was what we needed. As much as we regretted how good it would have been the letter in time that he sent, arrived and brought us joy and motivation. I was sick, the week was super busy and exhausting for us. Reading that letter and inhaling the smell of his cologne on it was the boost that I needed right at the beginning of my day.


So, regardless of what challenges or obstacles your relationship may be facing, hold on to hope. Sometimes what we want most may arrive later than expected and also at the time when we need it the most. Even if it is because of poor timing or the mail man sending what you want to the wrong address. Distance may be there but time is always running. Avoid waiting until Valentine’s Day to express your love–write a letter, send some treats, or your favorite shirt today!

Send your love today and it might arrive just when you think it is time to stop moving forward MM

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